Hydraulic Direction Control Valves


Hydraulic Direction Control Valves

We supply two types of hydraulic direction control valves as follows:

  • Solenoid Operated – AC 120/240 V or DC 24/48V
  • Manual Hand Operated Valves
In our stock, we use most reputable brands for direction control valves as follow:
  • Yuken
  • Polyhydron
  • Rexroth
  • Parker
  • Hydrocontrol
  • Walvoil

What are Hydraulic Direction Control Valves?
Mainly direction valve directs the flow (usually oil) through the system. Flow is given by hydraulic pumps to direction valve, that further distributes oil medium into the system.

The route of the liquid medium i.e. oil, is decided by the position of the spool (GIF example as below). Hydraulic system can function as per the requirements by using different design of spools example, all port lock, P-T connected, A-B-T connected, P-A connected etc. Hence, end user should select the correct type of direction valve to serve studied purpose.

Direction hydraulic valves can be selected from variety of sizes. In order to select the direction valve, it is essential to know the oil flow and pressure in the hydraulic system. Different sizes are available by manufacturers like mounting in pipelines, subplate mounting and threaded connection like cartridges.

Hydraulic valves are subdivided into three essential categories, hydraulic direction, flow control and direction control valves.

Directional control valves
  • Hydraulic Check valves
  • Directional spool valves
  • Directional poppet valves
Pressure control valves
Flow control valves
  • Throttle valves
  • Control valves
Electronic hydraulic valves
  • Servo valves
  • Proportional valves

Every valve operated differently from one another. Like check valve allow free flow in one direction and block flow in other direction. The direction control valves allows pressured oil is either direction, depends upon the spool position. The pressure control valve shift at a certain pressure, the shifting/switching pressure can be adjusted on the valve. By adjusting the bore size or orifice, the flow can be regulated in flow control valve.

The servo and proportional valve can be used to execute as a direction, pressure or flow control function.

Operation of Direction Control Valves:
See below the Manual operated Hand Lever Valve:
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