DynaTech Heat Exchangers


DynaTech Heat Exchangers

How DynaTech Heat Exchangers Work?

This system is to make oil cooler by using water as a contact agent. Oil, which is to be cooled is passed into the shell around dense copper tubes, having baffles, that makes oil to pass in a sinuous manner. Oil transfer the heat to water that is flowing through the copper tubes (different internal diameter of tubes are used depending on pressure and flow) having number of paths. This supplement the contact time of oil with water for efficient heat transfer. This type of DynaTech Heat Exchangers gives high efficiency i.e. ΔT (T2-T1).

T2= Output Temperature of Oil
T1= Input Temperature of Oil

DyanTechX Heat Exchanger

NOTE: We can make customised heat exchanger as per the customer specifications and drawings. Please contact us to get commercials and technicals.

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