About Us


The company was established in 1976 at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, India by our senior most Mr. Kulwant Singh, and Lt. Mr. Mohan Singh. During initial years company was segmented and came across the niche market to produce hydraulic high pressure hoses and fittings. The customers initially were served in capital only, but with time and brand popularity, customers in other states were also being served.

The demand of other hydraulic components was also increased due to major industrial sector boom in India like: Maruti Suzuki, Indian Airlines, Air India etc.

The increase in demand also increased our annual sales. After certain time the demand of hydraulics in the market was fulfilled using updated machines, workforce and technology. Today our company is collaborated with Yuken India, Danfoss, Polyhydron, Dynamatic (Dowty) to distribute best hydraulic equipments across the country.

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