Ordering Information

Place an order

The order placed are through ecommerce website online. After placing an order the invoice will be sent to you over the email. We will start procuring your order until we have received the payments. By placing order online on RattanHose.com, you have agreed that the product you are buying is for your business needs.

Our business hours

Our hours are 10AM to 6PM Monday to Saturday at 011-28116500/28116076/28116532

Order delivery times

If material is in stock or readily available, we dispatch in 3-4 business days. For special order or out of stock items delivery times are 2 weeks. If we are not able to fulfill your order then we will refund your entire amount within 15 business days. If order times exceed what we have committed to, we will contact you to determine if you want to execute the order with the new delivery time. If you do not wish to execute the order at that time, we will refund your entire amount

The material is usually shipped within 3-4 days, if the stock is readily available. If the items that are special and not in stock, then it would take around 2 weeks. If we are not able to complete the order then within 15 business days the full refund is initiated. If the order time is exceeded as per the committed time, then we would contact you for new delivery time. In case you don’t want to execute the order, then entire amount would be refunded back.

Vat and Central Sales Tax

We invoice all transactions and charge all taxes as per regulation.
We charge VAT depending on the item being shipped. We offer refund upon original C-form being submitted to us, in which case we will charge only 2% CST for any outside Delhi transactions and refund the difference

The invoice is generated for all transactions and the taxes are levied as per regulations. Rattan hose would charge 5% VAT on the item being shipped. We refund 3% against form C being sent to our mailing address.

Excise Duty and MODVAT

The excise is duly applicable over all the products of Yuken, Polyhydron. We would provide you the excise duty MODVAT upon request at info@RattanHose.com.

Payment Methods

Currently we are accepting payments via NEFT/RTGS, debit/credit cards, EMI and cheque. It is requested to mail us the cheque at our mailing address. (C-67 Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase -2, New Delhi – 110064). It is requested to send cheque scanned copy to our mail. We are not responsible for cheque a sent via normal mails, so it is requested to send cheque via speed post.

Payment through EMI

Rattan hose is doesn’t charge any processing fee for availing EMI. We are not responsible for the interest charged by the banks. The refund cannot be refunded by us in case of cancellation, refund or advance closer. Please check bank’s policies.


It is your right to cancel order for any reason.Possible reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to the following:

1.Potentially fraudulent order. Before shipping orders, we run a check to make sure they are legitimate. If the check fails, we may cancel your order.
2. Incorrect pricing. Due to the sometimes volatile market for collectible products, sometimes there are major fluctuations in price. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any item from any order and provide a full refund to the customer for that item.
3. Non-Payment of Non COD orders. If payment is not received within a reasonable amount of time after the order has been placed, we may cancel an order without notice.
4. If the order is not serviceable by us due to non availability of the product among any of our vendors
5. If your pin code is not serviced by any of our courier partners
6. If the procurement is taking longer than 7 working days and you are not willing to wait further

Returns and exchanges

We cannot offer the return and exchanges on our own. If manufacturing defects is present then the product would directly go to manufacturer. Once the product is replaced, then the replacement product will be sent to you back.