DynaTech- Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

We manufacture top notch quality single and double acting types hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. There are variety of mounting types to choose from. The stroke length is up to 6000mm in conventional types and up to 24000mm in telescopic type. Maximum working pressure 70 kg/cm2 to 250 kg/cm2 with maximum bore diameter of 600mm.
Cylinder body – Made from alloy steel tubing with micro finish bore.

Cylinder head – Through bored and grooved to provide concentricity to common center line for the body, rod and gland.

Ports – Provide unobstructed flow without interference from the gland.

The Cap – Also machined for concentricity

Piston Rod – Made from special alloy steel and induction case hardening up to 54 RC .

Seals – All dynamic seals and elastromeric design to seal with minimum friction.

Piston – With wide surface contacting cylinder barrel to reduce bearing loads during mechanical deflection.