DynaFlex- Industrial Pressure Hoses

We manufacture high/low pressure hose with end fittings consisting of several sizes and shapes example: Female Swivel ‘D’ Nipple, Female Swivel ‘S’ Nipple, Male – Fix Cone Taper, Male – Fix Outer Taper, Male – Fix Taper Thread, BE Nipple, Hydraulic Split Flange and Elbow – 90 degrees. It could be used for hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fuel, Gasoline, Air, Water & Steam applications.

Our product range:

Medium high pressure hose (27 kg/cm2 – 230 kg/cm2)

High pressure hose (30 kg/cm2 – 210 kg/cm2)

High temperature hose (80 kg/cm2 – 350 kg/cm2)

Teflon hose (Steam pressure – 11 kg/cm2)