DynaFlex Hydraulic Hose Pipes

We manufacture high/low pressure hose with end fittings consisting of several sizes and shapes example: Female Swivel ‘D’ Nipple, Female Swivel ‘S’ Nipple, Male – Fix Cone Taper, Male – Fix Outer Taper, Male – Fix Taper Thread, BE Nipple, Hydraulic Split Flange and Elbow – 90 degrees. It could be used for hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fuel, Gasoline, Air, Water & Steam applications.

Types of Automobile Hoses available as follows:

1. Power Steering Hose

– High Pressure Hose

– Low Pressure Hose

2. Radiator Hose

– Accordion Hose

– Molded Hose

– Common Hose

3. Fuel Hose

4. Brake Hose

They are available by the part number or sizes and various types of end fitting required. We owe in house lathe machines, crimping machines/tools, hydro-tester, air-tester and chemical testing equipment. (Overview of Rattan Hose)

Dynaflex Rattan Hose Hydraulic Hose Pipes

Rattan Hose Dynaflex Hose Pipe Crimping Tool

Dynaflex Rattan Hose Pipe Testing

Our product range:

Medium high pressure hose (27 kg/cm2 – 230 kg/cm2)

High pressure hose (30 kg/cm2 – 210 kg/cm2)

High temperature hose (80 kg/cm2 – 350 kg/cm2)

Teflon hose (Steam pressure – 11 kg/cm2)

Max pressure hose also available upto 1000 kg/cm2